How 12 Multinational Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes


A new report shows how some of the world’s biggest companies pay nothing to the IRS through lobbying and loopholes.

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Over the past month, General Electric has been held up as the pinnacle of corporate vampirism –– the world’s largest corporation in the world’s lowest tax bracket. But it’s not just GE that’s bilking the system and paying zero dollars in taxes.

A [...]

The Rich Are Getting Richer


By: Gretchen Morgenson, The New York Times

Some people say it doesn’t really matter how much companies pay their executives, at least as far as the shareholders are concerned. Whether investors prosper depends on the executives’ management skill, not on penny-ante items like pay, this argument goes.

To this, Albert Meyer, a money manager at Bastiat Capital in Plano, Texas, responds with a resounding “phooey.”

Executive pay is not [...]

Inequality’s Impact: A New Debate Opens


By Sam Pizzigati

Apologists for inequality have an all-purpose defense for our desperately unequal status quo. We live in an unequal society, they pronounce, because Americans don’t really care about inequality. They only care about opportunity, and we have in the United States today, inequality’s cheerleaders assert, opportunity aplenty.

So case closed. Don’t even think about taxing the rich.

This aggressive defense shows up, predictably enough, in [...]