Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during ‘inequality’ march

Arrests at Occupy Wall Street March


Scores of protesters were arrested in Manhattan Saturday as a march against social inequality turned violent.

Hundreds of people carrying banners and chanting “shame, shame” walked between Zuccotti Park, near Wall St., and Union Square calling for changes to a financial system they say unjustly benefits the rich and harms the poor.

At least 80 people were carted away in police vehicles and up [...]

80 arrested at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest


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Police corral marchers near stock exchange; demonstration enters 2nd week

Police arrested about 80 demonstrators near the New York Stock Exchange on Saturday as they marched through lower Manhattan.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protest is entering its second week. Several hundred protesters have been camped out at New York’s private Zucotti Park, blocks [...]

When Will Wall Street Call For More Federal Spending?


|| — By Robert Reich — September 22, 2011 ||

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 3 percent today as Wall Street metabolized the truth most Americans already know: We’re in a recession. The “double dip” has arrived.

Most Americans never really emerged from the Great Recession anyway.

We can get out of this recession but not via the Fed’s “quantitative easing” alone. When consumers can’t spend and [...]

A Good Fight


 || — By Robert Reich — September 19, 2011 ||

So the really big fight, perhaps the defining battle of 2012, won’t be over Medicare. It won’t even be over Obama’s jobs program.

It will be over whether the rich should pay more taxes.

The President has vowed to veto any plan to tame the debt that doesn’t increase taxes on the rich. The Republicans have vowed to [...]

Why 2,000 People Needed to Occupy Wall Street: Banks Are Raking in Profits While Taxpayers Are Getting Screwed


– By Amy Goodman –

Banks are sitting on cash hoards and corporate profits are riding high — yet ordinary US taxpayers face joblessness and cuts.

If 2,000 Tea Party activists descended on Wall Street, you would probably have an equal number of reporters there covering them. Yet 2,000 people did occupy Wall Street last Saturday. They weren’t carrying the banner of the Tea Party, the Gadsden [...]

Wall Street Vampires


By: Rachel Lewis, Citizen Vox | Op-Ed |

Vampires. Thieves of the night. As sunlight is said to be deadly to them, these mythical creatures venture out to drain the blood from their innocent victims only when it is dark outside.  Judging by the reactions of Wall Street to Public Citizen’s attempt to shine a light on their industry, it seems sunlight kills more than vampires though. Lady Liberty can’t help but [...]

Protests on Wall Street


– By Jimmy Boegle –

(Note: Tucson Weekly reader Blaze Mason e-mailed to ask us why we have not been covering the protests on Wall Street. I explained that we cover local stuff; she responded that we reference national stuff all the time. I then invited her to write something for The Range. Here’s what she sent. —JB)

Thousands of people are protesting on Wall Street right now. They have [...]

Wall St. Stands at the Pinnacle of 5,000 Years of Human Exploitation


As powerful as Wall Street appears to be, its abuse of power has so eroded the economic, social, and environmental foundations of its own existence that its fate is sealed.

In an earlier day, our rulers were kings and emperors. Now they are corporate CEOs and hedge fund managers. Wall Street is Empire’s most recent stage. Its reign will mark the end of the tragic drama of a [...]

How to Take on Wall Street and Win – It’s up to us to embarrass lawmakers into making financial elites pay their fair share.


It’s tax time again, and again America’s richest financiers are breaking out the bubbly. Why? Because they pay less than you do!

The top hedge fund earners — who personally rake in billions (not millions) of dollars per year — can toast to the fact that they’re not living under that great radical president, Dwight David Eisenhower, when the top income tax rate was 91 percent, or under [...]

Main Street Moves Against Wall Street


At last, the first signs that politicians are heeding popular anger at the austerity measures imposed to pay for bankers’ greed.

When the current economic crisis hit, the Obama campaign blew away Bush and McCain by promising hope, change and a solution that would overcome this crisis and prevent future crises. Likewise, some governments in Europe came to power based on public fear reacting to the global meltdown. [...]