Jon Stewart and ‘The Daily Show’ Take on Mitt Romney and the 47 Percent… Of Course


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laurel Brown Senior Writer, BuddyTV


There are only a few things in this world we can depend on. Death. Taxes. Jon Stewart skewering a presidential candidate who makes a potentially career-ending statement on camera.So obviously Jon Stewart had to talk about Mitt Romney’s 47-percent statement on The Daily Show. What other choice did he have? And what other hilarious, insightful [...]

10 Things Republicans Don’t Want You to Know About Taxes


By Avenging Angel

Tax Day 2012 has been a busy one for the propagandists of the Republican Party.  After the GOP successfully filibustered the Buffett Rule in the Senate, House Speaker John Boehner claimed that Republicans are “listening to the American people.”  Of course, what Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and their allies don’t mention is that the Democratic proposal to implement a minimum 30 percent tax [...]

Study Shows that Conservatives Don’t Know Stephen Colbert is Joking


A recent study conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University has proven something I’ve wondered for years: Conservatives think Stephen Colbert is for real.

This issue cropped up a few years back when Stephen Colbert was asked to speak at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, where he proceeded to tear the President apart with his typical hyper-rhetorical satire while he was standing just a few feet away. [...]

Class Warfare Indeed!



By Michael Parenti |

October 02, 2011 “Information Clearing House

– Over the last two decades or more, Republicans have been denouncing as “class warfare” any attempt at criticizing and restraining their mean one-sided system of capitalist financial expropriation.

The [...]

The False Debate on the Debt


By Robert Scheer

In the ever-so-smug company of the rich and powerful, it is a given that there is never to be any expression of remorse or other acknowledgment of the pain they have inflicted on the lesser mortals they so cavalierly plunder. It’s convenient for them that the media and the politicians, which they happen to own, rarely connect the dots between the scams that made the rich [...]

Republican Budget So Loony Even the Nuts Think It’s Nuts!


by: Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future

The Republican budget is so loony it’s even scaring the right-wing nuts! How often does that happen?

The Republicans are voting on their budget plan this week. The plan eliminates Medicare and guts Medicaid, guts the rest of the government (except the things their oil company and military-contractor sponsors make money from), while dramatically cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Reporters [...]

Wealthy are out to destroy middle class


President George W. Bush and the Republican Party destroyed the American financial system, resulting in an enormous deficit that has radiated to state governments.

Now aided by the Tea Party, many of these same Republicans plan to balance the budgets on the backs of the middle class. The billionaire Koch brothers, their millionaire friends and the Tea Party want to destroy all public unions, including those of police [...]

Budget Battles: Sound, Fury and Fakery


by: Richard D. Wolff, Truthout |

Weeks of highly publicized debates – some in Congress, more in the mass media – brought Republicans and Democrats to a budget deal. To maximize public attention, they threatened a possible government shutdown. Both parties said that large government deficits and accumulated debt were “serious problems.” They agreed that solving them required only spending cuts, not revenue increases. In unison, they [...]

GOP Keeps Attacking Planned Parenthood, Health Care and Middle Class


By Ethan Rome (Executive Director, Health Care for America Now) |

The Republican attacks on our health care apparently have no limits. The Republican Party is driven by a powerful, extremist obsession with turning back the clock on women’s health services and undermining the health security of America’s families. This was in evidence during last week’s budget talks when Republicans werewilling to shut down [...]

Paul Ryan’s Plan, the Coming Shutdown, and What’s Really at Stake — By Robert Reich


I was there in 1995 when the government closed because of a budget stalemate. I had to tell most of the Labor Department’s 15,600 employees to go home and not return the next day. I also had to tell them I didn’t know when they’d next get a paycheck.

There were two shutdowns, actually, rolling across the government in close succession, like thunder storms.

It’s not the way [...]