Main Street Moves Against Wall Street


At last, the first signs that politicians are heeding popular anger at the austerity measures imposed to pay for bankers’ greed.

When the current economic crisis hit, the Obama campaign blew away Bush and McCain by promising hope, change and a solution that would overcome this crisis and prevent future crises. Likewise, some governments in Europe came to power based on public fear reacting to the global meltdown. [...]

20,000 March for the Middle Class in L.A.


Nearly 20,000 working people marched through downtown Los Angeles Saturday, making it clear they will fight any attempt to launch a Wisconsin-like attack on workers in cash-strapped California. The march stretched for several blocks and included nurses, telephone technicians, electricians, truckers, screenwriters, actors, longshoremen, teachers and others.

The Wisconsin bill eliminates the freedom of state employees to bargain for a  better life. Speaking at the Los Angeles rally, Mahlon [...]