Framing Occupy Wall Street


by: George Lakoff, Truthout | Op-Ed ||

I was asked weeks ago by some in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement to make suggestions for how to frame the movement. I have hesitated so far because I think the movement should be framing itself. It’s a general principle: Unless you frame yourself, others will frame you – the media, your enemies, your competitors, your well-meaning friends. I have [...]

Why The Elites Are In Trouble


By Chris Hedges | Truth-Dig | Op-Ed ||

Ketchup, a petite 22-year-old from Chicago with wavy red hair and glasses with bright red frames, arrived in Zuccotti Park in New York on Sept. 17. She had a tent, a rolling suitcase, 40 dollars’ worth of food, the graphic version of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” and a sleeping bag. She had no return ticket, [...]

The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party

Wall Street Warfare
  • Robert Reich ||

    Will the Wall Street Occupiers morph into a movement that has as much impact on the Democratic Party as the Tea Party has had on the GOP? Maybe. But there are reasons for doubting it.

    Tea Partiers have been a mixed blessing for the GOP establishment – a source of new ground troops and energy but also a pain in the assets with [...]

Jon Stewart Takes on Occupy Wall Street Critics


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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Harassed While Bankers Go Free


By David Weidner ||

October 03, 2011 – NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — It had to be a case of mistaken identity.

Protesters had been swarming Wall Street and Lower Manhattan for a week. There were at least six arrests the first day Occupy Wall Street camped out and chanted near the New York [...]

Occupy the Federal Reserve and Washington!!


For the thousands that are now involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests, it is important to realize, as I am sure many of the protestors do, that the average Wall Street worker is not to blame for the incredible social and economic inequality that has grown in the past several decades. The problem is the structural procedures and rules, and the lack of regulation to enforce them. Slowly, and [...]

Announcement!! KTMCA to cover Occupy Wall Street Protests!!!!


Keep The Middle Class Alive! is striving to be one of the few media sources to cover in detail the Occupy Wall Street Protests. We are raising money to go to New York to film and interview protestors participating in this historic moment. Any little bit will help, our goal is to raise around 1000 dollars in order to pay for plane ticket and lodging. We thank you for your [...]

Occupy Wall Street Rediscovers the Radical Imagination


September 25, 2011 “The Guardian” | By David Graeber |             

The young people protesting in Wall Street and beyond reject this vain economic order. They have come to reclaim the future.