We Don’t Need to Shut Down the Government | Tax the Wealthy and Deadbeat Corporations to Close Budget Gaps


If corporations and households with $1 million income paid at the same levels they did in 1961, the Treasury would collect an additional $716 billion a year. By Chuck Collins |

Before any government shutdown–or drastic state and federal budget cuts –we should reverse huge tax cuts for the wealthy and deadbeat corporations.

When you hear politicians lament that “we’re broke,” consider this fact: If corporations and households [...]

Paul Ryan’s Plan, the Coming Shutdown, and What’s Really at Stake — By Robert Reich


I was there in 1995 when the government closed because of a budget stalemate. I had to tell most of the Labor Department’s 15,600 employees to go home and not return the next day. I also had to tell them I didn’t know when they’d next get a paycheck.

There were two shutdowns, actually, rolling across the government in close succession, like thunder storms.

It’s not the way [...]

Republican Shutdown Shuts Down The Economy — So Do The Cuts They Demand


By: Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future |

Progressive Caucus co-chairman Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-Minnesota), and other members of the Progressive Caucus react to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.

Here we are only four months into Republican control of the House of Representatives and the government is shutting down! When you give power to people who hate the government, what do you think they’re going to do? Since [...]