It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class

middle class fights back

For the past thirty years the rich have been waging war on the middle class.  It’s been astonishingly effective, partly because it has been undeclared.  But even that pretense is now being abandoned.  The President’s National Deficit Commission has effectively declared that the rich will now go after what is left of working and middle class wealth and will take whatever steps are necessary to seize it.  If [...]

Save the US, Take Down the Top One Percent, Take Back Our Country!

Tax cut bully

Economic oppression has stolen US democracy and is killing Americans. Time to take down the top one percent and restore economic freedom.

by Joel S. Hirschhorn (libertarian) |

Massive economic inequality is killing America and we the people. It has already killed American democracy. The rich have captured the political system so they could manipulate the economy and benefit unfairly. Economic freedom and opportunity is gone. [...]

If You Are or Want to Be in the Middle Class…


by: Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future |

For most people the “American Dream” is to be in the middle class, or to raise yourself up to be in the middle class. And people used to expect that things would get better over time for all of us. But today more people are going the other way. Many people are finding it harder just to get by [...]

Banding Together for the Common Good – By Thom Hartmann

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

A corporation has no rights except those given it by law. It can exercise no power except that conferred upon it by the people through legislation, and the people should be as free to withhold as to give, public interest and not private advantage being the end in view.

- William Jennings Bryan, address to the Ohio 1912 Constitutional Convention

In the beginning, there [...]