Occupy the Federal Reserve and Washington!!

For the thousands that are now involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests, it is important to realize, as I am sure many of the protestors do, that the average Wall Street worker is not to blame for the incredible social and economic inequality that has grown in the past several decades. The problem is the structural procedures and rules, and the lack of regulation to enforce them. Slowly, and under the guise of “job creating”, the rich in this country have used forces such as Wall street and the federal reserve to create debt and destroy traditional American values. One such value could be summed up as, “Work Hard and you shall succeed!”. This value could now be better stated as, “Work Hard and you might succeed.” Nonetheless, my point is that even many of the workers on Wall Street are being duped into acting against their own interests, and primarily, the interests of their country (Or at least the interests of 99% of the population that occupies the country. Therefore I say, Occupy the Federal Reserve! and Occupy Washington! Take back congress AND the Media!

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