Jon Stewart and ‘The Daily Show’ Take on Mitt Romney and the 47 Percent… Of Course


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laurel Brown Senior Writer, BuddyTV


There are only a few things in this world we can depend on. Death. Taxes. Jon Stewart skewering a presidential candidate who makes a potentially career-ending statement on camera.So obviously Jon Stewart had to talk about Mitt Romney’s 47-percent statement on The Daily Show. What other choice did he have? And what other hilarious, insightful [...]

Who killed the middle class?


Kind of a silly video, but worth a watch as it does lay out some of the primary causes of middle class decline in the U.S.

Elizabeth Warren, Class Warrior of the week!!


Wow, she is running for congress. It would be great to have someone in there who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Lets all rally behind Elizabeth Warren! She understands the problems, the causes, and what we need to do going forward!

Elizabeth Warren to middle class: ‘The system is rigged’

Published September 05, 2012 | Fox News

Elizabeth Warren, trying to win a Senate seat in [...]

Elizabeth Warren attacks Romney’s policies for middle class

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, addresses the second session of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

September 05, 2012|Samuel P. Jacobs | Reuters

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (Reuters) – Locked in one of the costliest and most consequential statewide contests in the country, Elizabeth Warren largely ignored her own campaign Wednesday night to paint President Barack Obama as a populist up against a Republican who has sided with plutocrats.

A candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Warren was chosen by the Democratic Party to appear on [...]

Screwed – The Undeclared War Against The Middle Class


Educate yourself! Radio host and bestselling author Thom Hartmann reveals the covert war conservatives, and corporations are waging against America’s middle class. A war that’s essentially oppressing 99% of the country and decreasing class mobility. This book looks for answers: How did it happen? Who is responsible? How can we change what is happening? Thom Hartmann explains how and why the middle class is being destroyed. This book that should [...]

Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during ‘inequality’ march

Arrests at Occupy Wall Street March


Scores of protesters were arrested in Manhattan Saturday as a march against social inequality turned violent.

Hundreds of people carrying banners and chanting “shame, shame” walked between Zuccotti Park, near Wall St., and Union Square calling for changes to a financial system they say unjustly benefits the rich and harms the poor.

At least 80 people were carted away in police vehicles and up [...]

Wall Street Vampires


By: Rachel Lewis, Citizen Vox | Op-Ed |

Vampires. Thieves of the night. As sunlight is said to be deadly to them, these mythical creatures venture out to drain the blood from their innocent victims only when it is dark outside.  Judging by the reactions of Wall Street to Public Citizen’s attempt to shine a light on their industry, it seems sunlight kills more than vampires though. Lady Liberty can’t help but [...]

Student loans and “for-profit colleges: “They’re worse than you think”


By Mike Whitney, Information Clearing House |

Student loans are a big business. In fact, student debt now exceeds $895 billion which is more than the total Americans owe on their credit cards. And, most of these loans are underwritten by the US government, which means that the taxpayer is on the hook when students can’t repay the debt. This is a big problem, because many of the [...]

Middle Class abused by the rich and powerful

Trickle down economics fail

By Charles L. Hopkins Sr. Inwood: |

The “American middle class” is still taking a beating by the federal government, big business CEO’s and foreign countries with no relief in sight.

We can’t afford to provide our retired citizens on Social Security a raise or prevent drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Our veterans continue to have reductions to their benefits and health care shoved down their [...]

Wealthy are out to destroy middle class


President George W. Bush and the Republican Party destroyed the American financial system, resulting in an enormous deficit that has radiated to state governments.

Now aided by the Tea Party, many of these same Republicans plan to balance the budgets on the backs of the middle class. The billionaire Koch brothers, their millionaire friends and the Tea Party want to destroy all public unions, including those of police [...]